Owners Guide

This product is to be used for non commercial water recreation with proper adult supervision.

This is not intended as a flotation device for poor swimmers. It is recommended that all users wear a personal flotation device (PFD) life vest before entering water; Users of this product assume all risk of injury.


1. The floating mat should NEVER be pulled or towed behind a boat or personal watercraft and as such does not have any braking or steering devices. Never move the mat with anything on it! Towing the mat is dangerous and could cause damage to the foam. 
2 . Common sense should dictate the number of the persons allowed on the mat at one time.
3 . Children MUST be under adult supervision at all times.
4 . Do not swim or play under the mat and do not dive from the mat.
5 . Do not jump from other objects onto the mat.
6 . Never use the mat if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Do not attempt to swim from the mat to another object or the shore if you are fatigued.
7 . Never use the mat during storms, where lightning is present or expected, before sunrise, or after dark.
8 . Inspect the mat, tethers, cords and anchors for wear or defects before and after every use, do not use if damage is found.
9 . If the mat is anchored, precautions should be taken to eliminate activities that could cause entanglement in the tether leash or anchor rope.
10 . ALWAYS secure the mat from unauthorized or unsupervised use. Do not leave on the water year round.


All of our mats are made from cross linked polyethylene foam and do not require any other flotation device such as air, so set up and maintenance is simple. Use a sponge to wipe off any foreign material or debris that could scuff or damage the surface. UV rays are damaging to the surface and could cause fading and hazing of the surface if left in sunlight for weeks at a time. To prolong the life and appearance of your mat, keep it dry and protected from sunlight and the elements when not in use.